Sandi Baker - Artist

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem - Series by Sandi Baker

I call the latest large scale acrylic on canvas works 'Carpe Diem'. A play on words, koi are indeed carp and I am seizing the day enraptured in painting something new. I am using koi, a symbol for serenity in the paintings to bring a feeling of peace when viewing the work. In addition I am positioning the koi on various simplistic, black backgrounds that are to symbolize chaos. Stark colors create an erratic splash of energetic, abstract water for the fish to swim in. The water represents chaos, the koi represent serenity within the chaos. The works represent finding inner peace in chaotic world. My hope is that in viewing the paintings the subject is subliminally led to meditate. I want my art to help people, to relieve stress, and to teach without words. Simplicity in line and shape with extreme elegance. I am moving back to basics, primal colors, red, black, and white using abstract forms to force the mind's eye to see what lies beneath the surface of the subconscious. Black spatter on a white field becomes a creek nestled between snow laden banks, simple swirls of paint become ripples on water. I am melding the realistic with the abstract, a tenuous dance between worlds. I'm playing with the juxtaposition of the energetic chaos of the abstract forms alongside the calmness felt when viewing koi swimming. The starkness and minimalist color arrangements alongside the carefully refined realism is interesting to me and I am enjoying creating them.

More Coming Soon!