Sandi Baker - Artist


Self described as an autodidact and experimentalist continually searching for the sublime, Artist Sandi Baker utilizes acrylic paints, oils, enamels, spray cans, brushes, sponges, squeegees, and has even mastered the airbrush for the finest detail. A thematic painter, she creates paintings in series exploring ideas and pushing paint to its limits. Her large scale paintings on canvas, wood panel and metal are collected worldwide.

'I seek beauty, I try to create beautiful things and share them. I try to capture the enigmatic, the fleeting, to share with others the beauty I see and appreciate in nature, and in life.

Transform your Space, Transform your Life

We all know that a painting isn’t just a painting. That seemingly innocuous piece of art hanging in the background of your life has a dramatic effect on you and everyone else who enters the space. It tells a story, it directs your subconscious, it tells people who you are and it can change your life. Something so powerful demands careful consideration and respect. You can tune your space with the right painting. You can create that elusive atmosphere of your dreams. The perfect painting can improve your life. A group of paintings amplify the effect.

Sandi Baker Artist

  Original paintings, Commissions, Custom Groupings (pairings, sets, art suites, series, gallery collections)  corporate, private, and licensing.

Art that moves you.